About Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.

In 1991, I founded Research Associates Laboratory, Inc. in Ohio (RAL-Ohio); the first commercial laboratory to provide molecular-based diagnostics for avian medicine.

Throughout its 10 year history, the laboratory in Ohio earned a reputation of reliability and accuracy in service to the avian community. Unfortunately RAL-Ohio was closed in December of 2001.

I am pleased to announce that I have opened a new DNA-based diagnostic laboratory in Milford, Ohio. Effective December 1, 2003, Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. (VMD) offers reliable and accurate DNA-based testing services for veterinary medicine. VMD is a comprehensive, state-of-the art facility that incorporates the latest, most effective, and best available technology for molecular-based disease diagnosis. With over 17 years of experience, VMD is a laboratory for avian veterinarians run by avian veterinarians.

Bob Dahlhausen, DVM, MS

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