Diagnostic Sample Guidelines

Turnaround time is generally within 12-24 hours of receipt and results are returned by fax and/or mail. Please print legibly and include complete information. Certificates will be sent for each gender test result.
*Please include species and subspecies (ex. Cockatoo - Umbrella)

All samples can be sent unrefrigerated by direct mail (2 day priority recommended). One sample may be submitted for multiple test procedures. VMD does not provide sample tubes or swabs.

Samples, forms, and any other pertinent information or documentation should be sent to:

    Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.

    5989 Meijer Dr. Suite 5

    Milford, Ohio 45150

Blood samples:
Whole, non-coagulated blood (0.05 - 0.5 ml), collected by venipuncture and heparinized at a ratio of 20 units per ml of blood. Green-top microtainers are suitable provided they are filled to the correct sample fill line. Serum separator tubes can be used provided they have not been spun.

Swab samples:
Collected using a culturette style swab, dry or with liquid transport media, submitted encased in the protective swab holder or capped tube. Swabs in gel media are undesirable for testing.

DNA Gender:
    Blood or blood card is preferred.
    *Please include species and subspecies (ex. Cockatoo – Umbrella)
Avian Borna Virus:
    Heparinized whole blood + cloacal swab
    ** Ship – Overnight by 10:30 am EST (For best results these samples should be tested within the first 24 hours)
    **Please allow 7 to 10 business days for Avian Borna Virus results**
Paramyxovirus I:
    Heparinized Whole blood
Aleutian’s Disease Virus:
    Necropsy biopsy tissue, and/or Whole unclotted blood
Avian Influenza A:
    Choanal/Cloacal Swab
Avian Adenovirus:
    Whole unclotted blood, and/or choanal swab, and/or necropsy liver swab or tissue
Avian Gastric Yeast:
    Cloacal swab (preferred) or swab taken at proventricular / ventricular junction or necropsy specimen.
Helicobacter mustelae:
    Gastric swab, rectal swab, or necropsy tissue swab.
Mycoplasma agasizzi:
    Oropharengeal swab, nasal swab, nasal lavage, or conjunctival swab.
Aspergillus spp.:
    Tracheal aspirate or swab, air sac fluid, air sac swab, or granuloma biopsy.
Bordetella avium:
    Choanal swab or necropsy tissue swab.
Chlamydophila psittaci:
    Combined choanal/cloacal swab ± blood, necropsy tissue (liver, spleen), or environmental swabs.
Cryptosporidium spp.:
    Gastric (snake) or intestinal (lizard) swab, cloacal swab, tissue biopsy, necropsy tissue or swab.
    Choanal/cloacal swab or necropsy liver tissue.
Avian Mycobacterium:
    Cloacal swab (preferred) ± blood, fecal swab, tissue biopsy, necropsy tissue or swab.
Avian Mycoplasma:
    Choanal swab or necropsy tissue swab.
Avian Polyoma Virus:
    Blood (preferred) ± cloacal swab, necropsy tissue (liver, kidney), or environmental swabs.
Psittacid Herpes Virus:
    Combined choanal/cloacal swab (preferred) ± blood, biopsy of suspected papillomatosis, necropsy liver tissue, or environmental swabs.
Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease:
    Blood (preferred), feather pulp swab, necropsy tissue, liver tissue, or environmental swabs.
West Nile Virus:
    Blood or necropsy tissue swab (liver, kidney).
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